Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run for the hills...

It's funny what you learn about your partner in a crisis! When my hubby and I were dating I learned after he stepped on a tack and thought he was going to die, it was no wonder he gave up mortuary science for a major, duh!!
Later I learned I was also going to be the designated spider killer, great!!
Soon we had kids and I found out, he is not the calm one in accident situations, at least when it came to our kids and blood, pain, shots, stitches etc, etc!!
Now as the years have passed he has also become the worry wort!! I will be the first to admit that after 9/11 I became obsessed with news, I was sure there was going to be another attack and why? Because the people on the news kept telling us it was inevitable, the more you watch, the more you tend to freak out!! So when this whole flu thing started I figured you know what? I am just not going to go there yet. It's too soon to even worry about. Yes I have been watching the news and we gave the kids the friendly reminder about the importance of washing your hands, blah, blah , blah. We always do anyway during cold and flu season.
Anyway yesterday my beloved comes home and says, "Having you been watching the news?" Which really is a dumb question because almost everyday when he comes home from work the tv is on cnn, I say "Yeah why?"Thinking something horrible has happened in our area, " Did you see the projection of what could happen if this flu thing spreads" "Um.. Nope!" "It could get really bad!!!" he says. My response... So STOP watching tv!!! When our neighbors start donning gas masks and the kids school is closed, I'll worry. Right now I'm too concerned with what your making me miss on facebook!! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marital bliss

Recently my cousin, who I love dearly, got engaged. I am super happy for her and for some reason overly enthusiastic about her up coming nuptials. Don't ask me why? Maybe it's because I'm a hopeful romantic, but in any case I can't wait to help with and attend all the fun wedding stuff. After talking about the usual stuff that occurs with a wedding, meaning a shower, she throws out that she doesn't think she'll have a shower!! What is she crazy? Free gifts!!! Who doesn't want that? Now granted her and her fiance' are in their 30's and they both have been living on their own for a while and both have a home (good luck with that :0), but really there is so much cool stuff you can register for anymore, not just the boring pots and pans. After speaking with her maid of honor, we concocted a plan to push her to see she needs to register because she is getting shower no matter what (tough shit), who cares what the bride wants!! HA HA. So here's a sample of the list I sent to her to help her out in her quest for marital bliss. Some are funny, some just damn practical, but I'd love to send her some more, so leave me a comment and I'll forward them on to her. Be nice! We don't want to scare her off :)Also I kept it clean for my post.
1.Dual alarm clock
2.4 slice toaster(waiting for toast is just stupid)
3.Super high thread count, Egyptian cotton sheets, you know the kind you want to spend all Sat morning , new beginning , new sheets.
4.Super fast coffee pot for when those sheets make you late
5. photo albums for all the picture taking you're going to do your first year of marital bliss :)
6. picture frames for your wedding pics, because if you don't, I guarantee you, people will buy you a ton of ugly frames!
7. a pretty vase for all those flowers he will be buying you, hahaha
8.a baby monitor , so you can signal him to bring you breakfast in bed, besides it might come in handy later!
9.serving platters because now that you are married, everyone is going to expect you to host holidays.
10. a blow up mattress because they are all going to spend the night( hey they are only an hour from Chicago!)
11. and last but not least EAR PLUGS, you are going to need them, someone is going to snore and a buck is worth it!!
Your turn , send them my way.
Also read the link to Kristen at motherhood uncensored if you want a good laugh. Prudes need not read, she can be rather forward sometimes :)

Monday, March 2, 2009


So a few weeks ago I saw this cute shirt in a pic on my favorite blogger Mom Dawn( go read her blog, shameless plug asked her where she got it and quickly proceeded to Old Navy. After sharing what happened during my shopping experience with her , she mentioned it was great blogging material, so here's what happened in as short of a version I can make it :) I quickly found the shirt I was looking for and decided to try it on because I have found that no matter what I think it's wrong as far as size goes. I try on a few and discover darn it I need like a size between a M and L. I opt for the L because lord knows I am just going to throw it in the dryer and shrink it anyway. I head to the check out where low and behold I get a 17 yr old skinny "little you know what" to ring me up. She says the usual did you find everything you were looking for, blah, blah , blah and I tell her well actually I had a little trouble with the size on these shirts. Your medium was really small and your large is too big and smiled. Here's the good part, she looks at me and says I wouldn't know I wear a XS (YES SHE DID) now I could tell by the look on her face immediately she did not mean to say it out loud. So I bit my lip. Her co-worker standing next to her didn't take it has well and gave her a little nudge with her hip and this is the best part!! Over she toppled!! Now I'm not sure if it was because she might have been leaning on just one foot or it was the fact she only weighed like 70 freakin' pounds, but she just sort of fell over to the side ( no she wasn't hurt and the two of them had a good laugh) But it certainly made me feel better and I laughed all the way home :) There's something to be said for What comes around goes around and she sure got hers that day.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mom club

Okay, so I haven't really blogged in like forever, but I read a few and love them all. The best thing about reading other people blogs is that you realize that in all reality, all Mom's are going through pretty much the same thing. No matter what their religion, race or how many kids we have it's like a universal language we all speak. Sort of like when you're in the grocery store and another woman's kid is throwing a tantrum, we nod or smile and move on because we have all been there. It a comradeship we have. It's like guys and sports, they can meet a total stranger any where and chat with no problem. Us Mom's are the same. No man can ever now how we feel or what it's like to carry a child inside of them. If we see another woman in line at the post office, or library, the grocery store or at the mall and she's holding the hand of a little kid, it's like we know we're in, we can strike up a conversation just like that. It one's of my favorite things about being a Mom. When I drop my daughter off a school everyday the parents are supposed to wait in the hallway until school actually starts and it is one of my favorite times of my day. Us Mom's gather and talk about nothing really and have a good time, I pity the few Dads who stand around us poor guys :) It our little Mom club and we love it! So if you're ever in need of a smile or feel like you've been kicked out of the club, read one of my favorite blogs and you'll be right back on the saddle.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Who cares?

I used to be one of those woman like Kate from the show Jon and Kate plus 8. You know the ones who sanitize everything and everything in their house is organized to death. Labeled in a container so you knew right where to put/find it. No dishes in the sink, laundry always caught up. Something slowly happened, I'm sure it definitely has something to do with the fact that 4 kids live here. 4 kids that could care less if they just leave it where ever and oh a husband too! But more than that I think it's the slow realization that really who does care? Obviously I clean and still most of my friends would probably agree my house is extremely neat for a household of 6, but I have come to a point in my life where really I think who does cares? When I die are people going to say " Oh I'm so sorry she's gone, her house was so clean!" Yeah right, I'd like people to remember who I was, that I loved my family, took good care of them in other ways too. If I skip the dishes in the sink and laundry today are my kids going to grow up damaged? NO!
Today my excuse for skipping all those chores is just that " Who cares?" It'll be there tomorrow. I may just use it today, but I reserve the right to use it next week and you can too! I'm sticking to it, browsing on the net is much more important anyway right :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A simple list!

I have been told more than once by my husband that I am hard to please. I disagree! (well maybe :)Sure I may a be a little picky, but after thinking about it, I started wondering if some of the small things in life were not bothering me, maybe some the big things would actually impress me. Like helping me take care of the things that annoy me to no end on a day to day basis. With four kids in the house things things can pile up and it amazes me that everyone is totally oblivious to those things. Before you all e-mail me and tell me that I should stop complaining about my little problems, I will fully admit I have a great husband and kids , but they can also drive me a little crazy and that's all this post is about. So here here is my wish list in no particular order.

1. Please change the toilet paper roll!! If there is less than 5 squares left, pull another one out for the next person. 3am and no paper just sucks!!!
2. If you empty the dishwasher, there is no reason you can't take the dirty dishes from the sink and put them in too. It's right next to you for crying out loud.
3.If there is a little piece of paper sitting or wrapper or whatever on the floor, pick it up!! I have literally watched my family walk by the same gum wrapper hundred's of times and just leave it there. Just pick it up!!
4.This runs with the dishwasher complaint, if you do laundry, it's not done when you throw it in the dryer. You need to fold it too!
5.And last, but not least, when the phone is ringing kids. Answer it!! Don't yell Mom the phone is ringing!(also goes for the doorbell)

Is this small list too much to ask to make my life a little easier. There are probably tons more and I would love to hear them from you.
For me these itty-bitty small requests would just help out enough I know to be less stressed and maybe able to enjoy the bigger gestures you sometimes make. I'm just saying...