Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mom club

Okay, so I haven't really blogged in like forever, but I read a few and love them all. The best thing about reading other people blogs is that you realize that in all reality, all Mom's are going through pretty much the same thing. No matter what their religion, race or how many kids we have it's like a universal language we all speak. Sort of like when you're in the grocery store and another woman's kid is throwing a tantrum, we nod or smile and move on because we have all been there. It a comradeship we have. It's like guys and sports, they can meet a total stranger any where and chat with no problem. Us Mom's are the same. No man can ever now how we feel or what it's like to carry a child inside of them. If we see another woman in line at the post office, or library, the grocery store or at the mall and she's holding the hand of a little kid, it's like we know we're in, we can strike up a conversation just like that. It one's of my favorite things about being a Mom. When I drop my daughter off a school everyday the parents are supposed to wait in the hallway until school actually starts and it is one of my favorite times of my day. Us Mom's gather and talk about nothing really and have a good time, I pity the few Dads who stand around us poor guys :) It our little Mom club and we love it! So if you're ever in need of a smile or feel like you've been kicked out of the club, read one of my favorite blogs and you'll be right back on the saddle.