Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A simple list!

I have been told more than once by my husband that I am hard to please. I disagree! (well maybe :)Sure I may a be a little picky, but after thinking about it, I started wondering if some of the small things in life were not bothering me, maybe some the big things would actually impress me. Like helping me take care of the things that annoy me to no end on a day to day basis. With four kids in the house things things can pile up and it amazes me that everyone is totally oblivious to those things. Before you all e-mail me and tell me that I should stop complaining about my little problems, I will fully admit I have a great husband and kids , but they can also drive me a little crazy and that's all this post is about. So here here is my wish list in no particular order.

1. Please change the toilet paper roll!! If there is less than 5 squares left, pull another one out for the next person. 3am and no paper just sucks!!!
2. If you empty the dishwasher, there is no reason you can't take the dirty dishes from the sink and put them in too. It's right next to you for crying out loud.
3.If there is a little piece of paper sitting or wrapper or whatever on the floor, pick it up!! I have literally watched my family walk by the same gum wrapper hundred's of times and just leave it there. Just pick it up!!
4.This runs with the dishwasher complaint, if you do laundry, it's not done when you throw it in the dryer. You need to fold it too!
5.And last, but not least, when the phone is ringing kids. Answer it!! Don't yell Mom the phone is ringing!(also goes for the doorbell)

Is this small list too much to ask to make my life a little easier. There are probably tons more and I would love to hear them from you.
For me these itty-bitty small requests would just help out enough I know to be less stressed and maybe able to enjoy the bigger gestures you sometimes make. I'm just saying...

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