Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run for the hills...

It's funny what you learn about your partner in a crisis! When my hubby and I were dating I learned after he stepped on a tack and thought he was going to die, it was no wonder he gave up mortuary science for a major, duh!!
Later I learned I was also going to be the designated spider killer, great!!
Soon we had kids and I found out, he is not the calm one in accident situations, at least when it came to our kids and blood, pain, shots, stitches etc, etc!!
Now as the years have passed he has also become the worry wort!! I will be the first to admit that after 9/11 I became obsessed with news, I was sure there was going to be another attack and why? Because the people on the news kept telling us it was inevitable, the more you watch, the more you tend to freak out!! So when this whole flu thing started I figured you know what? I am just not going to go there yet. It's too soon to even worry about. Yes I have been watching the news and we gave the kids the friendly reminder about the importance of washing your hands, blah, blah , blah. We always do anyway during cold and flu season.
Anyway yesterday my beloved comes home and says, "Having you been watching the news?" Which really is a dumb question because almost everyday when he comes home from work the tv is on cnn, I say "Yeah why?"Thinking something horrible has happened in our area, " Did you see the projection of what could happen if this flu thing spreads" "Um.. Nope!" "It could get really bad!!!" he says. My response... So STOP watching tv!!! When our neighbors start donning gas masks and the kids school is closed, I'll worry. Right now I'm too concerned with what your making me miss on facebook!! :)


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for your comment! I don't know why, but it makes me so happy to know I made someone laugh.

Have you seen Octamom's blog? (No, not that octamom...) She has 8 kids and she writes really movingly about her 4th child's hearing impairment.

If you enable public access to your e-mail (check the box on your Blogger profile page), bloggers can respond directly to your comments. I happen to think it makes blogging more fun, more like a real conversation that way...

Ruth said...

I'm not sure where to change it suburbancorrespondent but I checked e-mail follow up comments. Is that what you meant?