Monday, March 2, 2009


So a few weeks ago I saw this cute shirt in a pic on my favorite blogger Mom Dawn( go read her blog, shameless plug asked her where she got it and quickly proceeded to Old Navy. After sharing what happened during my shopping experience with her , she mentioned it was great blogging material, so here's what happened in as short of a version I can make it :) I quickly found the shirt I was looking for and decided to try it on because I have found that no matter what I think it's wrong as far as size goes. I try on a few and discover darn it I need like a size between a M and L. I opt for the L because lord knows I am just going to throw it in the dryer and shrink it anyway. I head to the check out where low and behold I get a 17 yr old skinny "little you know what" to ring me up. She says the usual did you find everything you were looking for, blah, blah , blah and I tell her well actually I had a little trouble with the size on these shirts. Your medium was really small and your large is too big and smiled. Here's the good part, she looks at me and says I wouldn't know I wear a XS (YES SHE DID) now I could tell by the look on her face immediately she did not mean to say it out loud. So I bit my lip. Her co-worker standing next to her didn't take it has well and gave her a little nudge with her hip and this is the best part!! Over she toppled!! Now I'm not sure if it was because she might have been leaning on just one foot or it was the fact she only weighed like 70 freakin' pounds, but she just sort of fell over to the side ( no she wasn't hurt and the two of them had a good laugh) But it certainly made me feel better and I laughed all the way home :) There's something to be said for What comes around goes around and she sure got hers that day.

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Dawn said...

Awww, I feel so bad for the poor skinny girl.
LOL!!!! Sweet justice.